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Rebuilding and Advancing Our Communities is an unprecedented coalition of organizations, thought leaders and community advocates committed to investing in our communities through workforce development and job placement. There is no denying the fact that as a country we find ourselves at an inflection point. In Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin and Texas we are choosing a different way, one that makes us self-reliant, resilient and communal through mentoring, education and leadership.

As of June 2023, the latest data shows that we have 9.9 million job openings in the U.S. and only 5.8 million unemployed workers. High-quality workforce training can help workers get good jobs, improve the efficiency of businesses, and boost productivity in the economy. Unfortunately, in Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin and Texas we are not streamlining the process to make it easy and fast for our labor force to be trained and put to work!

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The mission of Houstons Training and Education Center is to provide meaningful, high-quality training in marketable skills while at the same time inspiring life-long learning, personal development, and community leadership. Each student will be expected to break through barriers and generational habits and to succeed by enhancing their abilities and reaching personal career goals in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, self-sufficiency and excellence.

HOUSTONS TRAINING AND EDUCATION CENTER, is dedicated to excellence in our education and vocational training division. We provide the most complete and comprehensive educational services for vocational training, communities, businesses and individuals. Through our courses and curricula, we help individuals become more proficient in computer technology, ultimately improving their productivity.Our approach to training is fun, informative and effective. Our instructional methods and materials are designed to help students achieve the levels of competency necessary to meet their personal, academic, or vocational goals. We combine customized course ware, Instructor-led and Technology-based training with post training support. Our training environment is hands-on, so you’ll learn what you need to know and then try it yourself before you leave the classroom.

our goals

  • To  provide Training and Educational programs to help individuals reach self-sufficiency.
  • Training with Love and Compassion
  • Breaking generational cycles of poverty and hopelessness.
  • Students can complete meaningful training without excessive debt.
  • To provide community based programs to address critical issues which help leads to success.
  • To provide High Demand occupational programs where the community partners can be apart of the process.
  • Change the way vocational training has been done over the last 30 years.
  • Focus on all areas  of needs for our students and the population we serve.undefined

At HTEC- Houstons Training and Education Center, Inc., we firmly believe that good training is the primary factor in achieving personal success. The HTEC philosophy is based on four concepts:

  • Post-secondary education must be responsive to the needs of the industry into which graduates wish to enter.
  • All students should be treated as individuals and encouraged to develop to their highest potential.
  • Our institution strives to provide an education that is designed to enhance the graduate's professional career.
  • Each student shares the responsibility for their own success by participating in learning activities and professional growth opportunities provided by HTEC-Houstons Training and Education Center, Inc.